New version of UniTime (version 4.4) released - June 2018

UniTime 4.4 includes a lot of improvements in the student scheduling component. There are new solver constraints that can be used to better measure and optimize the quality of students schedules including early/late times, schedule gaps, travel times, lunch breaks, and long days. Test schedule runs can be automated and the results published to other users. A lot of changes have been done to the scheduling dashboard and the reservations. Students can prefer or require certain sections or instructional methods. Courses that are critical to certain students (that is, courses that these students need to make progress towards their degree) can be identified and such students prioritized in these courses.

A few improvements have also been done to data exchange, event management, and course timetabling (e.g., including the ability to combine last year’s course enrollments with pre-registration).

For more details, please see the UniTime 4.3 release documentation at