UniTime 4.5 was released in December 2020

UniTime 4.5 was released in December 2020. It contains a lot of improvements in student scheduling and in the ability to make massive course timetabling and student re-scheduling changes related to the 2020 global pandemic. There have also been improvements for timetabling online-only classes and exams.

There is a new Advisor Course Recommendations page that can be used by the advisors (e.g., when they are meeting with their students) to provide suggestions on what courses the student needs to take. Students can easily use these recommendations for course pre-registration and for registering for classes. The advisors can track the progress of their students through the Online Student Scheduling Dashboard, including indications of how well they are following their advice.

There have also been a few improvements in the student scheduling algorithm, for instance, with the ability to prioritize certain students, or allowing some off-campus students to only get online courses.

Some initial effort has been spent on localization and support of right-to-left languages. There are many small changes and improvements, a lot of them have been driven by the changes in higher education caused by the 2020 global pandemic.

UniTime 4.5 release notes are available at https://builds.unitime.org/UniTime4.5/Release-Notes.xml.