UniTime Release 4.3

In this version, all course timetabling solver pages have been rewritten to GWT, making the whole course timetabling component of UniTime fully localizable. There have been a number of new features added. These include the ability to export timetable grids into Excel, improved filtering of available suggestions, and the ability for a week to start on any day.

UniTime’s scripting and reporting capabilities have been greatly improved in UniTime 4.3 too. The scripts and reports recognize more parameter types. There is a new Script API, and the scripts can be scheduled to run periodically within UniTime.

A lot of work has been done to support the collection of student course requests and batch scheduling of students. An interface has been developed to allow custom validations and student course eligibility checking to be plugged into the Student Course Request page. There are more capabilities for academic advisors (and other administrative users) to monitor student progress as well as course availabilities. There have also been a number of improvements made to the batch student scheduling solver.

The number of UniTime manuals has grown substantially over the last year. For example, there is a new Administrative User Manual covering the initial configuration and setup of UniTime. See http://bit.ly/unitime43docs for all the available UniTime documentation.

For more details, please see the UniTime 4.3 release documentation at http://bit.ly/unitime43notes.