2018-2019 Software Community Health Metrics - uPortal

2018-2019 Software Community Health Metrics - uPortal

Status: Graduated Incubation

Background and Objectives
uPortal is the leading open source enterprise portal framework built by and for the higher education community. The platform itself is complemented by a wide variety of projects that make up the greater uPortal Ecosystem. In the year to come, we expect to see continued growth, life, and participation in the community. We encourage community members to engage on the lists, enhance documentation, contribute a fix, or add a feature, propose a new sub-project, become an Apereo member, and become a uPortal Supporting Subscriber.


Date of First Release 

Date of Last Release 

Number of Releases


 21 May 2019



Commits in 2018

Commits in 2019

Frequency of Commits





Contributors in 2018

Contributors in 2019



We have a significant increase in commits to uPortal (and related projects) due to automated support for keeping dependencies current. That said, we have several active contributors that have been focusing on the uPortal Web Components repo rather than directly to the core repo.

2018 uPortal Highlights
Maturing of uPortal 5, with initial support for Web Components

2019 uPortal Highlights
Additional refinement of Web Component usage and provision of sample components. There has been a significant increase in new portal designs, thanks to leveraging these new content items. uPortal Dev Days took place in Arizona.