Announcing uPortal 4.2.0

The uPortal Developer Community is proud to announce the release of the next minor version of uPortal:  4.2.0!

This version of uPortal is a general audience (GA) release of the next uPortal minor version.  It provides several new and exciting features that are not in the 4.1.x line, as well as all the maintenance updates – primarily bug & security fixes – that are included in the 4.1.x line.  This release includes some modest changes to default configuration settings.  (See Developer Notes below.)  In upgrading to uPortal 4.2 from version 4.1, you are free to continue with the configurations you have;  but you should review these changes and strongly consider making them locally.  These changes offer better alignment with planned future enhancements.


  • The following enhancements or bug fixes are especially noteworthy.
  • Hover chrome, which provides access to chrome-based functions (e.g. Minimize, Maximize, Remove, etc.) for portlets with showChrome=false
  • Numerous enhancements and fixes to uPortal's Multi-Tenancy features
  • The Portlet Manager UI has been greatly improved & simplified
  • A client-side session timeout warning message, with the option to continue the session, has been added
  • A 6-column layout option has been added;  works gorgeously with small portlets like the App Launcher
  • The Portlet Marketplace UI has been greatly improved & simplified
  • Added MAINTENANCE portlet lifecycle state (accessible from the Portlet Manager), which displays a user-friendly message when a portlet is out-of-service
  • Added support for the Experience ("Tin Can") API
  • Added Transient Layout Node support for unauthenticated (guest) users;  this enhancement means that guest users can access – provided they have the proper permissions -- portlets that are not on the guest layout