Announcing uPortal 4.3.0

The uPortal Developer Community is proud to announce 4.3.0

Version 4.3.0 is the newest minor release of uPortal, and it is the product of a significant amount of new work.  A total of 122 JIRA issues are resolved or closed for this release, including 96 that are not a part of the 4.2.2 (or any other) release.  If I had to sum up this release in one word, it would be this one:  "Polish."  uPortal 4.3.0 brings a large number of performance enhancements, improvements to user experience, and bug fixes.  uPortal 4.3 also includes support for Java 8 & Tomcat 8.


  • Support for Java 8
  • Support for Tomcat 8
  • Ability to manage BROWSE permission in the Portlet Manager
  • Performance fixes & improvements for permissions evaluation & JPA PAGS
  • Numerous improvements to the Tenant Manager
  • Portlet Marketplace improvements
  • New & updated REST APIs
  • Ad hoc PAGS groups (based on membership/non-membership in other groups)
  • Fixes & improvements to Respondr
  • Updates to "Hover" Chrome (options for no-chrome portlets)
  • New menu for small displays, plus optional "flyout" menues (like Universality offered)
  • Allow fragment owners to manage fragment layouts regardless of restrictions
  • Update Bootstrap to version 3.3.5
  • Version updates to the bundled CAS and several bundled portlets