Benefits of uPortal

100% Open Source Project

uPortal, unlike our competitors, is 100% free open source software managed by Apereo. Our community has access to all releases of the uPortal software with absolutely no costs. uPortal continuously evolves through contributions from its global community and is supported by resources, grants, donations, and membership fees from academic institutions, commercial affiliates, and non-profit foundations.

Education Focus

uPortal is built by the academic community making the software stand out as the leading enterprise portal framework for education. Because uPortal's design considers the unique and often complex use cases of the academic institution, uPortal continues to be a widely used open source portal solution with numerous successful deployments.

Highly Extensible

uPortal's design principal takes into account the growing and diverse needs of academic institutions. uPortal takes into account the varied and diverse set of systems each campus may have deployed and comes with many integration implementations included out of the box that can easily be configure it to work with your systems. The easily pluggable framework also allows institutions to create customized implementations for their specific business needs.

Highly Scalable

The rock-solid uPortal framework performs well even under the highest loads. It can be deployed in a clustered environment on virtually any type of hardware and software. uPortal easily supports user bases in the tens of thousands with at least one installation serving over eight million users. Several organizations have also deployed  multiple portals or virtual portals using the same underlying installation.

Community Resources and Support

In addition to robust functionality and advanced technology, many community resources are available through the Apereo community of expert portal developers and enthusiasts. Best of all, these quality resources are available to you at no cost!

  • Free access to all maintenance releases and bug fixes
  • Free access to all security notifications
  • Free portal administration manual
  • Free access to portal and portlet user and development email lists
  • Free access to community calls, demonstrations, and roadmaps

You can also take advantage of paid support, custom development and training available through commercial solution providers. For more resource and support information, see uPortal Community and Commercial Providers.