uPortal 5.4 Release

Along with numerous fixes, this update now fully supports session-less access to uPortal REST API’s using an OpenID Connect token. Developers can more easily create user-specific content without having to incorporate the overhead of Java session management.

Other highlights:

  • Support for narrowing groups and/or custom claims info within OIDC tokens using query string parameters
  • Regions can contain child <folder> elements (nested structures), instead of merely a flat collection of <channel> elements
  • A CacheManagementController that allows a portal admin to clear caches by REST API
  • The whatwg fetch polyfill is now included in Respondr skins
  • Uses bundle Web Components polyfills instead of loader (to fix url construction and network issues when run on IE)
  • Support for ranked search results to the uPortal portlet event-based search integration API