uPortal Annual Report for 2018

This past year’s annual report for uPortal is now available. The uPortal project had a strong year from May 2017 through April 2018.

  • Growth: Introduction of the uPortal Ecosystem Intake Process with 4 new software products entering the process and uPortal-home successfully graduating from Apereo Incubation.
  • Life: Almost 100 versioned releases of uPortal ecosystem software products.
  • Participation: 7 new core contributors, 1 new core committer, 16 presentations, 1,350+ list posts, 5 calls/webinars, and 2 meetups.
  • Financial responsibility: 3 sustaining subscribers and $26,000 recurring revenue with a $51,000 fund balance.

In the year to come, we hope to see continued growth, life, and participation in the community. We encourage community members to engage on the lists, enhance documentation, contribute a fix, or add a feature, propose a new sub-project, become an Apereo member, and become a uPortal Supporting Subscriber.

Detailed information on releases, project intake, participation, finances, challenges, opportunities, and calls to action can be found in the published report.

uPortal Steering Committee