uPortal Ecosystem Intake Process - the easy onramp to collaboration!

When is the best time to start thinking about making your project open source? Immediately! Waiting until your code is complete and well documented often means you miss out on a lot of collaboration opportunities. In the uPortal ecosystem, we want to have the barrier to entry be very low. That’s why we created a new uPortal Ecosystem Intake Process . Our intention is to make it really easy for anyone in the uPortal Community to bring their projects forward for others to collaborate on. 

From the document:
This is an intake process for sub-projects that are intended to be part of the greater uPortal Ecosystem. By virtue of being a sub-project, certain stipulations are accepted that allow this process to be easier and more expedient yet still conform with the greater Apereo Incubation Process . This makes it easier for organizations and individuals to collaborate on more new projects in the context of Apereo and the greater uPortal Community. Potential adopters and contributors should be able to easily see what projects are ready for adoption, what projects are in development and being actively collaborated on, and what projects are no longer active.

In short, if you have an idea for a project - even at an early conceptual stage - you can send an email with some minimal amount of information to get set up with a repo in our uPortal-contrib GitHub organization. Then start collaborating! If your project is successful, it can then be moved into the official uPortal-project GitHub organization .

We hope to see organizations or individuals submit their projects to this intake process - especially at the early stage! We also hope that many others then take the opportunity to collaborate on these projects and help move them forward to hopefully become officially part of the uPortal Ecosystem.    
-- Jim Helwig