uPortal Steering Committee

The uPortal Steering Committee (uPSC) serves as the governing body responsible for strategic, financial, and operational oversight of the uPortal project.  The committee acts as an advocate for the project and helps to ensure its continued health and growth. You can contact the committee at uportal-steering-committee[at]apereo[dot]org.


The uPortal Steering Committee serves to foster growth, collaboration, and communication within the uPortal project. The uPSC coordinates communication related to community calls, online hangouts, and conference meetings. The committee has oversight responsibility for project documentation and provides leadership in the development of uPortal marketing materials. The committee coordinates uPortal security related issues and facilitates resolution. The uPSC assists with the identification and development of resources (people or funding). Committee members liaison with the uPortal developers, the uPortal community of adopters and potential adopters, and the Apereo board.


uPSC members serve two year terms and can be re-elected/re-appointed. Effort will be made to stagger terms. Developers, deployers, adopters, functional users, supporters are encouraged to consider playing a role. 

  • Developer representatives (2-4) - Nominated by and elected by active committers
  • Community representatives (2-4) - Nominated by anyone in the community; elected by the uPSC; 
  • Supporting subscriber representative (1) - Nominated by and elected by Apereo members that are also uPortal sustaining organizations in good standing
  • Apereo board liaison (1) - Non-voting, appointed by the Apereo Board

Current Steering Committee Members

Developer representatives

  • Jonathan Tran, CalPoly Pomona, elected 2022
  • Benito Gonzalez, Unicon, elected 2023 (for remainder of open term)
  • Chris Beach, Unicon, elected 2023
  • Julien Gribonvald, GIP RECIA - K12 schools of Center-Loire Valley Region, elected 2023

Community representatives 

  • Laura McCord, Unicon, elected 2022
  • Marc Huffstickler, Texas A&M University, elected 2023

Supporting Subscriber representative

  • Mary Elder, University of Edinburgh, elected 2022

Apereo board liaison

  • Jim Helwig, University of Wisconsin-Madison, appointed