The Xerte Project provides a full suite of open source tools for elearning developers and content authors producing interactive learning materials.

OSI Approved LicenseXerte is a fully-featured e-learning development environment for creating rich interactivity. Xerte is aimed at developers of interactive content who will create sophisticated content with some scripting, and Xerte can be used to extend the capabilities of Xerte Online Toolkits with new tools for content authors.

Xerte Online Toolkits is a server-based suite of tools for content authors. Elearning materials can be authored quickly and easily using browser-based tools, with no programming required. Xerte Online Toolkits is aimed at content authors, who will assemble content using simple wizards. Content authors can easily collaborate on projects. Xerte Online Toolktis can be extended by developers using Xerte.

Xpert is a respository for sharing and re-using learning materials. Xerte Online Toolkits integrates with Xpert to make it simple to publish open content and have it surface in the Xpert repository for learners to use and other content developers to re-use, adapt and repurpose. Other content authors can easily contribute resources via RSS.


Xerte v3.11 Release!

June 2022

The Xerte community is thrilled to announce the release of Xerte v 3.11 which includes numerous enhancements. 

Xerte 3.10 Release

22 July 2021

Xerte 3.8

The Xerte team and project are very pleased to announce the official release of Xerte 3.8 available from

Xerte User Stories - November 2017

Learn more about what Xerte can do.

Xerte Online Toolkits v3.3: Expanded SCORM Tracking!

On behalf of the wonderful people of the Xerte developer community, we are pleased to announce that the latest version of Xerte Online Toolkits, v3.3 is now available.

Using Xerte at the University of Cape Town (UCT)

The decision to pilot XERTE (XML Editor Run Time Engine) was taken in response to a need for curation of the materials produced as part of the MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) being run at the University of Cape Town.

Xerte Conference 2016

The Xerte Project is pleased to announce its 2016 conference returning to the UK this year and to be held at the University of Nottingham on 14th April 2016.

Update Xerte Online Toolkits v3.1 Progress

The Xerte Project’s team of developers are working toward the release of Xerte Online Toolkits v3.1 at the end of November. v3.1 will be the team’s second release in 2015.