Update Xerte Online Toolkits v3.1 Progress

The Xerte Project’s team of developers are working toward the release of Xerte Online Toolkits v3.1 at the end of November. v3.1 will be the team’s second release in 2015, and will contain a number of new features and fixes.

In particular, the release will include a completely overhauled setup utility, with thanks to Leonard Johnson; the first steps toward a much more responsive suite of templates, with responsive text adapting to different sized windows and devices, a new ‘dictation’ template that will complement the existing templates designed with language learning in mind. We’ve noticed that the new themes introduced in v3.0 are really popular with our users and we have extended the range of themes available. We have also fixed dozes of issues that have surfaced since the release of v3.1 back in the summer: v3.1 will be our best release to date!